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But Spain, as a rich Kingdom with all its far flung possessions, made enemies with other European countries who envied her power and wealth. One of these enemies was England whoes pirates, like Drake, will even go to the Philippines just to hi-jack the rich Spanish galleons coming back to Manila from Acapulco, Mexico. And England, upon becoming Protestant in Religion and Masonic in outlook (The Reformation), considered Catholic Spain its sworn enemy precisely because of the Spanish Counter-Reformation.

But since Spain could not be immediately weakened by a frontal war, her enemies used economic strategies to weaken her aside from using Masonry, the Secret Society, to divide the Spanish people. An Englishman, the Duke of Wharton, was assigned to introduce Masonry in Spain and to spy on the Spanish government and people. Many Spanish noblemen became Masons due to Wharton’s procelitization from Madrid.
Thus, from within, Spanish Masons, sought to destroy Spanish tradition, Spanish unity, Spanish economy through politics that started the internal conflict between Spanish Catholics and Spanish Masons, later communists and socialists, posing as modernists and liberals. This conflict between two sets of Spaniards reached the Philippines and started the Revolution against Spain spearheaded by Masons like Morayta, Pardo de Tavera, Regidor, Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Aguinaldo and many others identifide as Ilustrados or Liberals.


Since 1728, a British Mason, Philip, Duke of Wharton, emigrated to Spain and introduced Masonry to the unaware Spaniards with the objective of (1) dividing Spanish society, (2) warring against the Spanish Roman Catholic Church and (3) destroying from within the Spanish empire composed of “virreinatos” (vice-kingdoms under the Kingdom of Spain)

Thus by 1869, the Spanish Masons took over the Madrid government and fought politically against the Catholic Church in the Spanish peninsula. This word and political war started by the Spanish Masons also violently went against the Spanish clergy who, as oversea missionaries, were posted in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Filipinas.

At that time the Spanish Crown and State was one, or united, with the Catholic Church in the same manner that the Arab States today are still one with Islam or as the British Crown is still one, or united, with the Anglican or Episcopalian Church of England founded by Henry the Eighth and his daughter out of wedlock, Elizabeth the First.

As pointed out, this political and economic quarrel between Masons and the Catholic Church in Peninsular Spain, also reached Las Islas Filipinas, aside from Cuba and, to a much lesser degree, Puerto Rico.

Because of the Spanish Masons that came to establish their lodges in the Philippine Islands, unaware Filipino Ilustrados eventually became Masons too. And like their Spanish Peninsular brothers, they also showed their dislike and hatred for the local Spanish Friars that, in turn, fought them because Pope Leo XIII virtually declared the Masons in general, particularly the Jacobin-like Illuminaties, as Satanists and Anti-Christs in an Encyclical called "Humanum Genus" issued in April 20, 1884.

The rift between the local Spanish Friars familiar with the Jacobin-like Illuminaties led them to label Spanish Insular Creole, Chinese Mestizo and Indio Masons as “Ilustrados”, which the latter variably accepted as their Masonic identity.

On the other hand, some British nationals and some U.S. spies residing in Manila since 1880, like Dean C. Worcester, also opened Masonic lodges and enticed local Ilustrados to join them to undermine Spanish and Catholic Church sovereignty over these Islands, -----effectively paving the way for a future American bloody invasion, destruction and plunder, of the 1898 Filipino Republic headed by Aguinaldo which had accumulated a monetary reserve in silver and gold worth over one hundred billion U.S. dollars at that time.


In retaliation to the public reading in all pulpits of the Encyclical HUMANUM GENUS a year after its issuance from Rome, spearheaded by the Filipino Bishop of Cebú, Monseñor Madridejos, and his co-adjustor, Padre Mario Tecson from Cebu’s strongly Catholic Parian, the Spanish Masons of the Islands, headed by the Regidor Brothers, the Pardo de Taveras, the Paraisos, the LaMadrids, the Abellas, etcetera, alledgedly hired José Rizal, already noted as a prize winning poet and playwright, to publish articles, essays and novels attacking the local Spanish Friars and the Manila Spanish authorities in a Masonic Organ in Spain, La Solidaridad aside from writing the novels Noli me tángere and El Filibusterismo.

The Universidad Real y Pontificia de Santo Tomás in Intramuros also made classroom and public readings of another anti-Mason Encyclical called “In Aeternum Patris” where the Masonic influence in education was exposed as something truly evil and condemned by the Catholic Church.

The Katipunan was a Masonic lodge that advocated violent uprising against the then existing Government with the plan to kill all Spaniards, including harmless nuns, priests, civilians, women, children and old people. The Katipuneros were made to swear by their Grandmasters that they would even kill their own espouses and children if any of these revealed their secret agenda.

This explains why The Katipunan’s discovery by Padre Mariano Gil immediately alarmed the existing government and the silent majority of Filipinos who were practicing Catholics.


The Rizal family is a Masonic one according to "Cabletow" the organ of the present “Grand Masonic Loge of the Republic of the Philippines". Says “Cabletow”:

"He (José Rizal), belonged to a highly Masonic family and practiced his Masonry both inside and outside the lodge. In fact, his family was regarded as one of the most Masonic families in the Philippines." (By David J. Roads, PhD, HON GBB, P SUB DGM (SC) see CABLETOW, Page 41, Vol. 63, No. 3, Sept.-Oct. 1987, Plaridel Masonic Temple, Manila.)

This information coming from a purely Masonic source is true because not only Jose Rizal’s brother, Paciano, was a Mason. Two of his sisters, Narcisa among them, were also Mason’s that joined Rosario Villaruel’s Manila Masonic lodge for women, La Adopción. Doña Rosario Villaruel, a Spanish criolla, was the daughter of a local Spanish Mason, Faustino Villaruel, who was also executed by the local Spanish Council of War along with the Abellas, criollos from Bicol, and the now known Trece Mártires of Cavite for “illicit association and rebellion”.


The Mercado-Rizal family, being tenants of the Dominican Friars in their Calamba Hacienda, who were reportedly being ejected therefrom for non-payment of rent, could precisely have embraced Masonry, as informed by Cabletow, as a reaction against their Dominican landlords.

And Felipe Buencamino, the lawyer of the Rizal family in this ejection case filed by the Spanish Dominicans, has written that non-payment of rent was enough ground for the Dominican owners to eject them, which in the end they legally succeeded in doing. The ejectment case in Calamba, later affirmed by the Royal Audiencia, (also the Supreme Court) was delayed because the Rizal lawyer raised the issue of ownership against the Dominicans to their Calamba hacienda property.

It was Spanish Governor General Eulogio Despujols, another Mason, who told Rizal that he would give him and his family any land they wanted outside Luzon, but Rizal aired the desire to settle in North Borneo which the British grabbed from the Sultanate of Joló and the Manila government. The deportation of José Rizal and his fair treatment in Dapitan is an indication that he and his family could move to any other place inside the Philippines.

With this backdrop, the Masonic use of Rizal’s name as a Katipunan password doomed him when Andrés Bonifacio, another Spanish creole and Mason employed by a British Manila Warehouse, cried Revolution in Balintawak’s Pugad Lawin or Balintauac

Moreover, when Rizal was tried he was accurately charged with "illicit association" for being a Mason. As pointed out, there was union of Church and State at that time and attacks against the Church were deemed attacks against the State. This must be why José Rizal was also charged with "Rebellion" because his novels and articles attacked the Friars and the Military and Civil authorities as it incited to armed rebellion the native Filipino population.


The usual story, made “official” in our textbooks written in English, says that it is the Spanish Friars who demanded the execution of José Rizal. But this theory is belied by Ambassador Leon Maria Guerrero in his book “The First Filipino” when he writes the following:

"Why should it be so strange then for Rizal to "abhor" Masonry as a society when he had in fact already left it four years before? (Even Rafael Palma seems resigned to accept it.) Rizal apparently had no great love for Masons; he had quarreled with Marcelo H. del Pilar and Pedro Serrano Laktaw, AND AT HIS TRIAL, X X X, MASONS HAD TESTIFIED AGAINST HIM, AMONG THEM Pedro SERRANO LAKTAW, Timoteo PAEZ, Moises SALVADOR, José DÍZON and Antonio SALAZAR. (Page 531, Leon María Guerrero in his book “The First Filipino”).

In relation to the issue on whether Rizal retracted, or not, from the Anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic items that he wrote as a Mason, is clearly explained by himself when he wrote his own DEFENSA for the Council of War that was trying him for illicit (Masonic) association and rebellion. Wrote Rizal in his mentioned DEFENSA:

"It is false that I have ordered Pedro Serrano (Laktaw) to introduce Masonry in the Philippines. Serrano was of a higher degree than I in Masonry. I did not go beyond the 3rd Degree, while Serrano had the 30th or 33rd degree. This can be proved by the letter he sent me afterwards when I was in HongKong, the letter which is included in the proceedings and in which he appoints me "Venerable" as if it were to grant me a great title. Supposing I were the chief, how can it be explained that an inferior bestows a rank on the Commander-in-Chief? That letter proves the falsehood of the statement . Besides, at our parting in Europe, Serrano and I were definitely antagonistic to each other. I left Madrid in January/ February of 1891 and from that time I ceased to write and I no longer took any part in the politics of La Solidaridad. AND, I SEVERED MY CONNECTIONS WITH MASONRY. ---José Rizal (Vide: Jesús Ma. Cavanna's, Rizal's Unfading Glory, part II, pp. 52-53)

The last minute Retraction of José Rizal, which like his DEFENSA is also in his own handwriting, not only becomes moot and academic in view of his having “severed … connections with Masonry”. It merely confirms that his Retraction against Masonry could just be true.


The new North American colonizer of the Phlippines, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP) and Masons, upon defeating by force of arms and bribes the defenders of the 1896-99 República de Filipinas, needed to hide their crimes against the Filipino people. The U.S. WASP had massacred and indiscriminately killed almost three (3) million Filipinos with countless atrocities that were even recorded by American soldiers themselves in their letters to their families back in the US mainland.
To erase these atrocities of theirs against the Filipino people, the U.S.WASP colonizers, re-organized the system of education in these Islands in English and used the Masonic writings of Rizal to blacken, if not belittle the role of Spain as the Mother Country that begot the Philippines. Further research, however, is beginning to show that the Anti-Spanish WASP propaganda taught as Philippine History in Filipino schools no longer holds true. It is all being belied.
A good part of this U.S. WASP propaganda against Spain in the Philippines are the mentioned Masonic writings of José Rizal, which English translations are still being used today as “history” added with the usual malicious propaganda, bloated with further exaggerations and fabrications, inserted in local Philippine history textbooks. Up to now, to maintain U.S. WASP colonialism in the Philippines, these malicious propaganda, labeled as the black legend against Spain (La Leynda Negra) is still being imposed by the local mis-educated lackeys and minions, of this present day colonialism from our own DECS and CHED to deliberately mislead the average Filipinos about their Hispanic national identity, their true national history, their Hispanic culture so that they may be better exploited economically and politically unto the present time. In the midst of the confusion of present day Filipinos over their own national identity, history, economic and human rights, the U.S. WASP colonizers continues to oppress them economically, politically and culturally onward to ignorance and self-destruction.

There is no doubt that José Rizal is a great man of letters in Spanish. There is no doubt that he is an artist, a scientist as well as a great patriot and his execution by the Spanish Council of War, under another Spanish Mason like Camilo Polavieja, is a great error for being unnecessary.

His execution was the fault of that time when the death penalty was the accepted norm in almost all the countries of the world. Today, his execution would be labeled inhuman even in Spain where the death penalty has been abolished. If the death penalty had been abolished at that time, José Rizal would have escaped execution and what is most probable is that he would have been also killed, or “salvaged”, by the U.S. WASP Military Government here, like in the case of Andrés Bonifacio, Macario Sacay, Apolinario Mabini and General Antonio Luna, for bravely defending his country against the new U.S. WASP invasion and economic exploitation.

What becomes really unjust is the mis-use of José Rizal by the U.S. WASP colonizers and their local Americanized lackeys as a cause for the average Filipinos to hate Spain and everything Spanish in the Philippines, when it is the U.S. WASP colonizer who is far more inhuman and guilty for murdering not only a man like Rizal in Apolinario Mabini and Macario Sacay, but for murdering nearly three (3) million Filipino civilians, both military and civilians, under the 1898 Filipino Republic, headed by Emilio Aguinaldo, that resisted their 1899 armed invasion and cruel destruction of the Philippines. Aside from the murder of those three (3) million Filipino patriots, the same U.S.WASP invader and colonizer is also guilty of the inhuman and unjust execution of Macario Sacay, the second President of that same 1898 Filipino Republic, ---- after the treacherous capture of Aguinaldo in Palanan, Isabela.

Moreover, the U.S. WASP invaders also plundered the 1898 Filipino Republic of its gold and silver reserve worth over one hundred billion dollars when they captured Malolos shortly after Andrés Bonifacio and General Antonio Luna were treacherously murdered by their local mercenaries.


Unlike the peaceful establishment of the Filipino State under the Crown of Spain in 1571 and its acceptance by the native ethnic Islanders in the Referendum-Synod of 1598-99, the coming of the American WASPs, under the pretext of a war against Spain, was a bloody and brutal war of genocidal invasion against the Filipino people and their 1896-1898 República de Filipinas. This is how that war of invasion is described, in Spanish, by then Presidente Emilio Aguinaldo and Primer Ministro Apolinario Mabini in a Filipino Government Proclamation they both issued and signed on August 13, 1899.

“In the present war against the American forces, there is no alternative for us Filipino but to defend at all cost our lives and our homes. To surrender would be to erroneously throw ourselves to their guns and cannons that do not respect our national honor nor our belongings and savagely kill our women and children.

“Manila is witness to the most horrible of inhuman cruelties. They have confiscated our vehicles, animals and the money of every family invoking war as there only reason.

“The American invaders declared war against Spain with the excuse of liberating people oppressed by the Spaniards, but those people who were purportedly liberated by these invaders are now slaves crying under their brutal yoke.

“They came here calling themselves champions of liberty purportedly seconding our efforts for freedom. But after we had helped them against the Spaniards, they alone claimed the fruit of our liberation.”

“In Manifestoes and proclamations they, the invading Americans, have said that they did not desire nothing else but our freedom, as they have assured us in several meetings with them.

“They have also assured us that they will never provoke a break in our alliance, but then as it became evident, when we let down our guard, the attacked us by surprise, inhumanly bombing our homes, ransacking our houses and robbing us of our money and jewelry and destroying food provisions and everything useful to our people, which they don’t care about. All these they do because their objective here is to impose a domination upon us that is the more irritating, truly cruel in comparison with the previous rule of Spain because they greedily aim to become the absolute owners of the Patrimony of our race!”

1. “En la presente guerra contra las fuerzas americanas, no nos queda a los filipinos otro recurso, sino defender a todo trance nuestra vida y nuestra hogar. Ceder sería entregarnos locamente a la merced de sus fusiles y cañones que no respetan la honra ni la propiedad y matan bárbaramente a mujeres y a niños.

2. Manila es testigo de los más horrorosos atropellos: allí se han confiscado los vehículos, animales y ahorros de las familias invocando por única razón la guerra.” “Ellos declararon la guerra España so pretexto de libertar a los pueblos oprimidos por ésta, y hoy esos mismos pueblos gimen esclavizados por la fuerza bruta.

3. Han venido a título de campeones y libertadores, secundando nuestros esfuerzos en pro de la libertad, y después que los hubimos ayudado contra los españoles se han aprovechado ellos sólo del fruto de la victoria”.

4. “En manifiestos y proclamas han venido publicando que no deseaban otra cosa sino nuestra libertad, como nos han asegurado en la última conferencia: que no habían de provocar un rumpimiento con nosotros.

Y habéis visto que cuando estábamos más descuidados, nos atacaron de improviso, bombardeando inhumanamnete nuestros caseríos de nipa, sequeando las casas y apoderándose de nuestro dinero y alhajás e inutilizado nuestras provisiones y cuanto fuera útil a la vida que no les sirviese a ellos; todo estos con el objeto de plantar aquí una dominación más irritante, más bárbara, que la anterior y hacerse dueños absolutos de este rico patrimonio de nuestra raza”. Por Apolinario Mabini-“Juntas Locales de Defensa, 13 de Agosto de 1899).


Anonymous said...

i thought mabini died of cholera. if i understood this blog correctly, mabini was one of those murdered by wasp? am i correct?

Anonymous said...

you´re right....Mabini was another one of those "silent" victims of American invaders...
the amount of damage that Americans have inflicted to Filipino minds and souls is unsurpassable...

Anonymous said...

If what you are saying is true, Rizal was murdered by de Masons using the Spaniards: The revolution was made in his name and using his novels (but without his consent, even some years after leaving the Free Masons). When he disavowed the revolution, their former brethen in the Craft, in order to save the revolution denounced him to the colonial Governement, he was tried for high treason using a(false? true?)statements in the trial by other freemasons and finally executed by a Freemason Governor. Hence the feeling of injustice that inmediately sprang in Spain and among the colonial administration. Of course, there was no reprieve. And the revolution won. In short, he was framed. This is what happens when people swear to obbey blindy to their superiors, as the free masons do. I wonder if Paciano was in the know.
I guess this is the sort that any legal system reserves to people who try to secede part of the nation, like the moros of Mindanao.

Anonymous said...

I would like to remind to everyone that Manila is NOT a Tagalog city. From the very beginning Manila was an International City. Even before the Spaniards came, it was an important trading center. Being the Capital City and Primatial City of the whole Filipinas means that settlers from every Filipino land (including Guam, Palaos and Marianas )made their home here. Every Manileño knows that here settled Japanese, multitude of Chinese, Ternateños, Mexicans, Jews, Armenians!!!. In the Spanish time there was a Russian Consulate or even a Danish one!!!. Of course a few Europeans and some Muslims. Because Manila has the best natural harbour of all Asia, this attracts foreigners, traders, missionaries, new ideas, refugees...
Of course, Manila is in Tagaloland and there is a constant migration from this nation, but look at the ancestors of every important Manileño: they are mongrels. Like mongrels they have the best of this melting pot. The common language was Spanish, the only way that they could communicate.
Not acknowledging this reality is disrepectful against other Filipino nations that helped to make Manila the International Capital that once was ("La Perla de Oriente"), like Cebuanos, Ilocanos, Bilocanos, Papanganos, Batanaos, Chamorros...and so many others. All this bred in a kind of Manileña civilisation that spread through the whole Filipinas, its dominions and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems clear to me that Filipinas (Excuse my French: Phillipines) is a neo colony. But it beggars belief that this regime is supported by some Filipino politicians, not by American politicians. With Filipino money!. I wondered what would had happend if Vietnam, Korea, Japan, once invaded by the Americans, had been forced to use English instead their national languages or forced to change their spelling to American English. The Americans did not dare. Probably this is why Korea and Japan are today great and powerful countries -and Vietnam in the way to- and all of them very proud of their nation and their culture.
It beggars belief to chose a language known to have this huge problems with spelling and with a phonetic so alien to that of the Malayan languages.
I think in Filipinas there are some Padre Damaso´s son on the loose.
Perhaps this la Salle brother should have chosen the Chinese script instead.
Today Japan and Korea are big and ferocious competiors of USA, when merely 50 years ago were very poor and destitute. I see that is the way forward, not the one imposed by this La Salle brother.